Draft copies of the minutes and agendas for each Parish Council meeting are displayed on the village notice boards at Ruckhall, the Village Hall and Honeymoor Common. It is a legal requirement for the Agenda to be published 3 working days (excluding the day of the meeting) before each meeting.

The minutes of the meeting have to be agreed by members of the Parish Council at the following month's meeting and signed as a true record of proceedings.

Agendas and minutes are shown below:


Agenda Nov. 2016.PDF.      Agenda Jan. 2018.pdf

Agenda Dec. 2016.PDF.         

Agenda Feb. 2017.PDF

Agenda March 2017.PDF

Agenda April 2017.PDF

Agenda May 2017.PDF

Agenda June 2017.PDF

Agenda July 2017.PDF

Agenda Sept 2017.PDF

Agenda Oct. 2017.PDF

Agenda Nov. 2017.PDF

Agenda Dec 2017.PDF


Minutes April 2014.PDF   Minutes Jan. 2015.PDF      Minutes Jan. 2016.PDF        Minutes Feb. 2017.PDF   

Minutes May 2014.PDF    Minutes Feb. 2015.PDF     Minutes Feb. 2016.PDF        Minutes March 2017.PDF

Minutes June 2014.PDF   Minutes March 2015.PDF  Minutes EM Feb. 2016.PDF  Minutes April 2017.PDF

Minutes July 2014.PDF     Minutes April 2015.PDF    Minutes March 2016.PDF      Minutes May 2017.PDF

Minutes Sept. 2014.PDF   Minutes May 2015.PDF    Minutes April 2016.PDF         Minutes June 2017.PDF

Minutes Oct. 2014.PDF     Minutes June 2015.PDF   Minutes May 2016.PDF         Minutes July 2017.PDF

Minutes Nov. 2014.PDF    Minutes July 2015.PDF     Minutes June 2016.PDF        Minutes Sept. 2017.PDF

Minutes Dec. 2014.PDF    Minutes Sept. 2015.PDF   Minutes July 2016.PDF         Minutes Oct. 2017.PDF

                                          Minutes Oct. 2015.PDF     Minutes Sept. 2016.PDF       Minutes Nov. 2017.pdf

                                          Minutes Nov. 2015.PDF    Minutes Oct. 2016.PDF.        Minutes Dec. 2017.pdf

                                          Minutes Dec. 2015.PDF    Minutes Nov. 2016.PDF

                                                                                     Minutes Dec. 2016.PDF

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