Eaton Bishop Parish Council were one of the first Parish Councils to be involved with the Lengthsman Scheme. For several years we shared a lengthsman with Madley Parish Council and the work was very minor covered by a small grant from Herefordshire Council which has been reduced over the years.

In March 2015 Herefordshire Council through their contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places launched a new Lengthsman Scheme which has been very popular with many parishes. Eaton Bishop Parish Council are now part of that Scheme and have an annual grant to cover the increased amount of work which will be under the control of the Parish Council.

EBPC are in the process of appointing a new Lengthsman. The type of work to be carried out includes the following:

Ditching including cutting grips (this will be limited as the responsibility for roadside ditches lies with the land owner)

Jetting of below ground storm drains and gully clearance 

Cutting back of visibility splays

Cutting of roadside verges

P3 Scheme - limited work on footpaths

Potholing is not included and remains the responsibility of Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP)

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